Married women looking for sex

More and more married women are using sex dating sites & hookup apps

Married women can be lonely too! Particularly in the UK it seems. A large percentage of women using adult dating sites and hookup apps are married.

5 reasons why married women cheat

1. Opportunity

With technology both men and women have more opportunities to meet people and have an affair using hookup apps and sex dating sites. You no longer have go to bars and clubs to find an hookup. You can do it from home or work using your mobile or laptop. Finding casual sex is as easy as shopping on Amazon!

2. Revenge

Revenge cheating is a common reason why women choose to sleep with a stranger and have an affair. After the hurt and emotional pain of being cheated on, the need to ‘get your own back’ can be overwhelming.

3. Neglect

The temptation of cheat can emerge in a marriage when one person feels neglected or if there is a distance between the partners. These factors can cast cast doubt on the relationship and so the woman may look elsewhere to find the closeness and connection they require.

4. Sexploration

Sometimes a woman simply just wants to explorer sexually. If a partner is unwilling to try new things in the bedroom or if things have become a little stale then going out and finding a new partner to have a sexual adventure with can seem like a good idea.

5. Frustration

Years of being with the same partner, performing the same sex routine in the bedroom can lead to extreme frustration and boredom. Contrary to common belief, women can be in a sexless marriage too. And just like men, woman need sex just as much as a man does and if she isn’t getting it at home she will quite likely find it somewhere else.

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