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Cougar / 50+ Sex Contacts

  Mature, experienced women seeking casual sex

When describing and older sexual woman two terms are often used; Cougar and MILF. While they are similar, there is a difference. A MILF (Mum I’d like to fuck) has at least one child making them a mum. Whereas a cougar, although an an older woman, isn't necessarily a mother. A cougar, like the wild cat, is on the prowl. She is very familiar and experienced with dating men, particular but not exclusively, younger men and is primarily seeking casual or no-strings sex.

A MILF, on the other hand, may not realise she’s an attractive woman and may have no interest in having casual sex. A MILF can be any age as the term simply means she's a mum. A cougar, however, tends to be over 45 sexually active and may be slightly dominant in their approach with their sexual partners.

If you prefer a younger lover you can view the 20something section. We also have members older than cougars - GILFs (or granny I'd like to fuck).