How to flirt over text

Flirting tips

Texting is a great way to flirt and build up interest before a date. But how do you get the ball rolling? For some guys it just flows naturally but for most of us we have to work at it. Hopefully this guide will help you text girls and flirt successfully.

1 )Dont seem over eager

The first thing to remember is you do not want to come across as over eager and appear to be putting in more effort into the conversation/interaction than her. The idea is she chases after you, not the other way around. If you chase her her interest will soon disappear. So how do you achieve this?

  • Don’t ask a question in your first text message
    “Do you want to go for a drink?”, “Wanna go watch a movie sometime?”, “What you up to tonight?”. These are very needy ways to start a conversation and you will kill it before it’s even started.
  • Be personal
    Mention her name a lot within your text message. Impersonal ‘bulk’ messages are boring and annoying. They go too far the other way and make it seem like you’re not making any effort at all. There has to be balance.
  • Keep your texts short and sweet
    Don’t start telling her about your entire day in detail, or an entire review of some film you watched. Keep your texts short and concise. Long text messages will tell her that you’re putting in all the effort and you’ll come across as needy again.
  • Shock-jock tactics don’t work
    Shocking her with shocking or weird messages is definitely not the way to go. She may laugh at first, but her legs will remain shut. Eventually she’ll work out that you’re putting in all the effort and interest will soon dry up. You can be fun and exciting without being shocking and weird.

2) Say “we”

The more you say ‘we’ in your conversation the more she’ll get used to the idea of you being together or you being a couple. If she’s open to the idea eventually she’ll come round to believing you could be a couple. Texts like ‘we were crazy last night’ or ‘we make a good team’ or ‘they will never catch us’ are good ways to get her feeling closer to you.

3) Be naughty

No matter what a girl says, making her feel naughty is exciting and exhilarating for her. You don’t have to be overly sexual or direct. Hinting at being naughty is much more effective. For example:

“Just found this old bottle of red in the dining room and I have no one to to drink it with. Want to help me drink it? …but only if you promise to behave…”

First of all it sets you up drinking together… then implies something naughty could happen by telling her to behave. Being teasing, witty and naughty with innuendos is a good way to get her thinking about sex with you.

Some additional dos and donts when texting

  • Dont wait ‘X’ number of days to text. There is nothing wrong with texting the same day or night.
  • Dont text just ‘hey’, ‘hi’ or ‘hello’. It’s dull, boring and your less likely to get a reply.
  • Do keep calm and dont be pushy. Dont panic about not getting a reply straight away or worry if they received your message or not. You’ll just come across as needy.
  • Grammar and spelling does matter. Bad grammar and poor spelling can be a turn-off.

If you follow these simple rules, you will be much more effective at text flirting and start getting better results with women!


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