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Is online dating safe?

Internet dating can be a great way to meet new people – and possibly find 'the one' – but it's important to keep your wits about you and protect your own privacy and safety, first and foremost.

Top 3 signs you're dealing with a scammer on an online dating site

  1. They ask for ways to communicate outside the website: scammers will try and get you to communicate with them outside the website that way you are more vunerable without the protection, anonymity and safety of the website. Never share your email address, phone number or home address unless you are 100% sure they are genuine.

  2. You don't know a lot about them: scammers are keen to get to know you as much as possible, but are less forthcoming about themselves

  3. They ask you for money: once the connection's been made – be it as a friend, admirer or business partner – scammers will ask you to transfer money. Don't fall for a tall tale, no matter how plausible it sounds.

For more tips on staying safe online visit: Avoid online dating tips.

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