What is adult dating?

Is it really possible to find free casual sex in the UK?

Adult dating is simply meeting people for casual sex. Casual no-string sex and hook-ups has grown rapidly in the UK thanks to the rising popularity of adult dating/sex dating apps and websites like Real Sex Contacts.

These hookup sites make it quick, easy and safe to find local people looking for free sex with a stranger from the comfort of your computer or mobile phone. Gone are the days where you have to trawl the bar, pubs and clubs to find a potential sex partner. Technology has made it quick and most of all millennials but adult dating has become so accessible that everyone is at it now, whatever their age.

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How do I start sex dating?

1) Create your married or attached you can meet people for sex much more discreetly and with less risk of getting caught! Of course, safety and security of the website you choose is important but most websites these days have improved the security to protect your data and your anonymity.

Is it safe?

While adult/sex dating is arguably safer than trying to meet sex partners in bars and clubs – it’s always sensible to take precautions to stay safe:

  1. Do not use your real name as your username
  2. Do not give personal details or contact information until you are ready to. Dont be bullied or pressured into giving you information.
  3. If you need to be discreet, make your face and head photos private so only the members you choose to see them can view them.
  4. For your first date, always arrange to meet in a public place.
  5. If possible, tell a trusted friend when you are going on your date.

For more information and tips about staying safe visit out blog post, Safe Online Dating.

Reasons people use adult dating websites

1) Lack of sex at home

There are many possible reasons why married and attached couples stop having sex. It could be for medical reasons, a break down in the relationship or simply a lack of desire. Whatever the reason, people are now turning to adult dating websites to find sex outside their relationship and satisfy their sexual needs. For many, a casual sex date is better than having a full on fling or affair to fulfil their needs.

2. Recreational / casual sex

Fucking just for the fun of fucking! People’s attitudes towards sex has relaxed these days so sex dating and having casual sex has been acceptable and common. More and more people are hooking up for sex and then never seeing each other again. It’s all about the raw joy of sex. Hookup sites are perfect for this.

3. The booty call

Friends-with-benefits or fuck-buddies has also become the norm these days. When you are feeling horny you can just text/call/message your FWB for a quick fuck. But first you need to find a fuck-buddy which is why sex dating sites are becoming more popular.

4. Comfort sex

Sex after a break up or even after a bad day at work can make you feel a hell of a lot better about things. If you could just walk out on the street and find someone to fuck that would be amazing! But not very likely. However a adult dating site is exactly like that. Log in, search, hook up with someone looking for sex!

Whatever you’re reasons for seek free casual no-strings sex, sex dating and adult dating will fulfill your needs.

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