Top 5 tips to public sex

How to have casual sex in public without getting caught!

However great your sex life might be, there’s always something quite exciting about introducing a little danger and risk to your sex. Which is why so many couples find public sex (or risky sex) so thrilling!

Author of Love That Works, Wendy Strgar says having sex in public takes you out of your usual comfort zones – “Endorphins in the brain increase due to a combo of fear of being caught and the anticipation of an orgasm” Wendy goes on to say “Since it’s so out of the ordinary, engaging in public sex will be something you remember, regardless if you actually had an orgasm or got caught. It’s the experience itself that’s memorable.”

Here are our top 5 tips to having sex in public without getting caught

1. Sex in water

Having sex in the sea while people are swimming all around you will be exciting but be aware that there is a danger that organisms could possibly find their way into your urinary tract which can cause health issues. A better option would be have sex in a clean, well-looked-after swimming pool instead. Night is always a good time. Get your girl hold onto the side of the deep end while you push deep inside her from behind. Remember to keep the noise down — the loud moans that are bound to slip out will really carry across the surface of the water.

2. Sex with the windows open

Having sex at home probably doesn’t feel very public – if you invite strangers to look through the window then it becomes very public. Having sex with a window wide open or having sex against a window allows you to have some control over the situation. There is an element of ‘danger’ which you can end whenever you choose by closing or moving away from the window. Having sex at night against the window with all the lights on is a very public way of having sex – without technically being in public!

3. Sex in a public toilet

Sex in a bar or restaurant toilet is an old favourite. Knowing that someone could walk in at any moment is what makes it irresistible. For those who want to minimise the risk you can have sex in one of the stalls and if someone comes in simply stop having sex and keep quiet till they leave.

4. Sex in the cinema

The trick to pulling of a successful cinema shag without getting caught is to do it during less busy times. Also, make sure you don’t pick a ‘quiet’ movie. You’ll want something loud to cover up all your moans and groans! Depending on the cinema, having sex on the seats can be tricky but if your girlfriend mounts you while facing the screen in reverse cowgirl position it will make it a little less obvious you are balls-deep in your girl.

5. Sex in a car

Car sex & dogging

If you want to reduce the chance of getting of caught but still want someone to see you then banging in a car is perfect. It’s extremely voyeuristic and a good place to start your public sex adventure. If things get to steamy you can just drive away!

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