Top 10 places to have sex in public

We all like to add a little extra spice to our sex-life, while some can only get off when having sex in dangerous ‘public’ places. I guess the risk of getting caught adds to the excitement! So to help you naughty naughty people, here is our top 10 places to have sex in public. Tell us where you have had sex in public in the comments!

1) Public park or field

It’s no surprise that in a park or woods is the number fav place for people to have sex outdoors. It’s easy, with plenty of space and easy to hide when things get a little too risky!

2) Car sex

Almost everyone has had sex in the car! Sometimes you just cant wait to get home to fuck so the car is the next best thing!

3) Sex on the Beach

Sun, sea, and sex! Shagging on a busy beach in broad daylight is a good way to get yourself arrested, or at the very least thrown off the beach but having sex on a quiet beach at night is a bit more likely for those randy lovers.

4) Cinema

I’ve never had sex in the cinema myself but I guess it’s dark so it might be possible to get away with it. Depends on the movie I suppose!

5) Uni-sex

Usually the library or any quiet place. Many agree this is a great place to bang. Always wondered why the library was so busy!

6) Public toilet

Gross! Dirty, smelly and crammed. Cant imagine a worse place to fuck – unless of course, you’re blind drunk and you just need to get your dick wet. In which case, the club toilet is the perfect place! Check out this couple shagging in the toilet.

7) Dressing room

Always a popular choice. Private with the added bonus of a mirror! Just make sure you get a good sized dressing room or you could find yourself falling through the curtain naked which could be embarrassing.

8) Swimming pool

It’s all too easy to get frisky in the pool, but a blowjob will take some special skills!

9) Balcony sex

A popular holiday fuck. Great fun especially when people down below and see you and cheer you on. And when it gets a bit too much you can retreat to your room.

10) Sex at work

Last but not least, sex at work. I’m sure we’ve all fantasised about fucking the secretary over your bosses desk or in the conference room – or the old favourite, the store cupboard. The possibilities are endless!

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