How to have a better sex-life with beer

This is the advice all men have been waiting for!

A recent study has revealed some valuable advice on how it’s possible to enhance your sex-life with beer! As unbelievable as it is, it’s true.

Sip IPA before bedtime

The hops in beers like IPA can enhance your woman’s lady boner! The hops increase a woman’s libido and her desire for sex. It also helps balance her hormones.

Dark beers

The iron in dark beer such as Guinness can give you a harder stronger boner. The increased iron in the body increase the bblood flow to your cock give you a raging hard boner to satisfy your lady with!

Alcohol & food

Chillis are good for your cock by also increase blood flow and the zinc and amino acids will improve your performance making you a sex machine! A spicy meal and a beer will prepare you for a night of bang your lady.

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