9 Ways to Have Great Sex!

Not everyone is born with the knowledge of how to have great sex. Follow our 9 essential sex tips to start having better sex with your partner. If you dont have a partner yet you can find one on Real Sex Contacts sex dating site!

1. Tell Her She Looks (and Tastes) Great!

“It’s been proven that women who feel confident about the appearance of their ‘bits’ are more open to different types of sex, and are more likely to cum because they feel relaxed… When a man goes down on his woman he should be enthusiastic, tell her how beautiful she is and how great she tastes. Don’t treat it like a chore.”

2. Listen

“The only difference between a gigolo and a regular guy is that a gigolo listens to what a woman wants in bed. So, ask. You should ask her while not in the bedroom — raise the discussion while out walking or doing some other casual yet intimate thing together.”

3. Touch Her Everywhere!

“Sensual and erotic touching releases a powerful sex hormones which increases a woman’s testosterone levels and makes her horny!”

4. Food sex

“Try foods such as oysters, fish, and other proteins. Greens and beans and brightly colored fruits and vegetables, high in antioxidants. All will help in performance and general horniness!”

5. Take Your Time Undressing

“Looking at a nude picture will trigger a quick and strong release of dopamine but it fades quickly… Let her work for it a little and do a little sexy strip and take her time undressing. She’ll enjoy the prolonged orgasm more.”

6. Shower Together

“Showering together is a good way of having a good, fun intimate time together… an more often to not leads to good sex!”

7. Create A Mood and Dim the Light.. and Hug More!

“For women to get aroused, parts of their brains associated with stress and anxiety need to turned off. If women aren’t relaxed, they’re not going to enjoy sex. So dim the lights and and create an erotic mood. A study found that when you hug a woman longer than thirty seconds, it increases her oxytocin levels and anticipation of sex.”

8. Reverse Cowgirl

“Find out what sex position is most stimulating to her — it’s usually woman on top, facing away, also known as the reverse cowgirl. The angle of the penis through the front wall of the vagina stimulates the area of the G-spot.”

9. Don’t Worry So Much — Sex Isn’t Everything

“If you’re thinking, ‘I hope it works! I hope it works!’ it’s not going to work. Take penetrative sex off the table for a month — do everything but that. Avoid making sex the be-all and end all. Most of the time once men stop worrying about it, it starts working. You can definitely stress yourself soft.”

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