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sexystar5, 41 yrs old
Can someone make me feel how good sex is again? Action brings my dream closer to me and to be honest, one of my dreams is to have a man I would really be excited to have sex with. I want a guy who is responsible and understanding, someone who will not force something serious because I'm married. So probably someone who is also bored and just wants to bring back fun in his life is the one I will choose.  I want to meet guy who can be honest on how needy he is in sex. I need a man who's very good at making me cum and feel like a woman again!
drtynfun, 31 yrs old
I am sexual, sensual, and everything in between. Married and want to stay that way, but looking for extra fun. Ive got a body that will make a grown man scream. And I have a naughty side of me. I'm in shape. Nice arse and tits. I'm a lady that likes to have fun at what ever I do. I like guys with strong sex appeal, who can satisfy me in bed, and the last thing I like guys who is very horny.
luvkisses4, 31 yrs old
I am a bad naughty wife. Married and want to stay that way, but looking for extra fun.I must be careful. I want someone that's fun, outgoing and can keep me on my toes. I have a great arse and large tits :) Not looking for a relationship just your cock in my pussy
dirtyofficeslut, 49 yrs old