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I am looking for a man who is good with his hands. I crave touch, and find myself disappointed by men who are intimidated by me. I am attractive, and I wont lie or deny that attraction matters, please take care of yourself and be clean x

I am in need of being engulfed, I will not deny more intimate things if it feels right, but I am really looking for someone who knows how to use their hands/fingers/fist in a respectable yet mind bending manner. Kissing is also important, please know how to take someones breath away. It will be returned. I do make a mess (a big one if you find the right buttons) but am unable to do it myself and am rather...pent up. No jokers please, no nonsense, and no one who lacks the confidence I require. 

Your photo gets mine - fair's fair and I promise zero disappointment. Ideally, for a girl my height I would like a man either tall enough or strong enough to make me feel small. But if you're naughty that will be enough for me! Tell me I am a good girl. Make my head spin and my mind quiet. Pretty please xxx
filfthy_shades, 45 yrs old
Suck my tits...Lick my clit, then fuck me like crazy (: I'm the type who likes to experiment and explore sex. I want to lose control and see where things take me. I adore married and older guys. It's so fun watching them having a hard on just by looking at my perfect tits. I am looking for a discreet lover who can open my eyes to the different ways in enjoying sex!! I can be wild but I can also be soft & sensual. Being quite timid I need to be brought out of my shell but once I am I'm fun and lively ((:
hornypatroll, 34 yrs old
I have no problem with my boyfriend. He is a great sex mate and he is not a bore. It's me and my itchy body aching for new bodies to explore.I'm being very bold about it because I don't want to waste any minute. I'd rather spend that minute with a hot man than waste it. Looking for a lover, a friend with benefits. A man who will not mess up my relationship but mess with my body only. Please contact me as I'm not good at contacting people and starting a conversation. I'm shy to start but once I'm talking I can talk for England lol
hothotgirl, 28 yrs old
I don't know what you want to hear, but I know that I am horny, hot and way more than all that and a bag of chips. My pussy is so wet that your cock will think it's riding in on a silky and slick slide. But then my pussy muscles will squeeze you and shock the CUM right out! I got a need for some good old fashioned fucking. So, if you are thinking the same as I am thinking, then let's get together for some hard and fast sexy fun. I'm not in it for the long term, just want to enjoy myself!
AutumnLover, 46 yrs old